There are five well-funded Article V advocacy groups crisscrossing the country using different excuses for supporting a convention: 

All four groups are attracting conservatives and Republicans who like the titles of the legislation and don’t understand the repercussions of either the legislation or an impending convention.

  • The 5th group is meant to attract the radical left. “Free and Fair Elections” comes to you compliments of George Soros and the Socialist/Communist contingent: Wolf PAC, Young Turks, Move to Amend, Occupy groups and hundreds of progressive organizations who say they want an Article V convention to “restore our democracy” with an Amendment which would end corporate personhood, reverse the Citizens United decision, and publicly finance all elections in our country.

Imagine a convention endowed with more power than the federal government, populated by activists with a commitment to “social justice” as their purpose and no allegiance to the Constitution.